natnudO foods is home to anyone who craves for only the best when It comes to home grown quality animal protein. Regardless of what you would like to do with our product, be it personal consumption, value adding or direct distribution, there is a part of our business that has been specially developed to cater for your needs.

Quality Control

At natnudO foods, we live by a strict code of quality assurance. Each production batch is carefully handled and inspected to ensure quality in every bite. Our steps on quality assurance start from our hatcheries all the way to your store and eventually to the forks our all consumers. We believe that taste and quality are just as important to you as they are to us this why every member of our team ensures that extra care is put into every aspect of our entire value chain.

Customer Service

Our state of the art customer service unit is available round the clock to attend to all inquiries. For your convenience, you can always speak with one of our qualified officers on any business related requests. We are happy to help.

Wide Range

As your business partner, we have taken in a step further to have your customers in mind. We have a massive range of products available for you to service your customers no matter how wide your segmentation is. We have developed products that all end user needs regardless of their graphic, psychographic or transactional differences. There is literally something for everyone

Your animal protein BFF.


We have taken and will continue to take multiple innovative decisions on how best to develop products that will always satisfy all your animal protein needs. Our products are specially customized to cater for every event. From lunch for your kids to snacking, occasions and family dinning.

natnudO fresh range can be prepared in any way imaginable and if you’d like a tasty and quality meal in 5 to 10 minutes, our "Ready 2 Eat" natnudO specially seasoned and pre-cooked for instant consumption. Warm for 5-10 minutes and it’s ready.
range is the most delicious offer of “convenience” in the market.

For our health and nutrition conscious consumers, there is no better animal protein range than natnudO. All Our products are of the best taste without any added preservatives. We care about your health just as much as you do.

We have over 50 product specs uniquely developed and packaged for you.


At natnudO foods, we take pride in partnering with yearning and ambitious businesses. Regardless of your business size, we associate ourselves with people who have a clear vision of growth in the animal protein business.

And because we understand your needs as a business to achieve profitable growth, we have provided several levels of extension services to ease your business journey with natnudO Foods.


Hotels, Restaurants, Catering and Events firms, Cafeteria, Supermarkets similar businesses, natnudO Foods have well trained Customer Satisfaction Representatives that provide you with the option of having products delivered directly to your doors or means for convenient pick up. By this, we ensure your freezers are never lacking our products at any point and better still, you never have to leave the comfort of your space.

For our product value adding customers, you are presented with a variety of fantastic animal protein products to help you realize your culinary dreams.