The natnuPreneur Out-grower Scheme

The natnuPreneur Farmer Scheme is an entrepreneurial initiative of Amo farms where farmers raise broiler chicken for the company to process in an out-grower model. The initiative started in 2014, was launched in June, 2016. 0ver 5,000 farmers registered nationwide thus far.

Our fully integrated poultry value chain, from the production and supply of core inputs (Day old Chicks,) feed and drugs to processing and sales of packaged products, backs this initiative. This report focuses on the 4 years achievements of the scheme.

Our Vision:
To become the number one integrated poultry Operator in Nigeria in the medium term, and West-Africa on the long term.

Our Mission:
By integrating small holder farmers tightly into our value chain, we will grow their business and ours, profitably.


Using our Fully Integrated Poultry Operations that provides end-to-end support for poultry farmers leading to an increase in volume and profit for all participants along the poultry value chain;

For the highest quality DOC (Day old Chicks) in the country, Our hatcheries located in Awe (Oyo State) and Owerri (Imo State).

Feed mills:
Located in Awe (Oyo State), Jos (Plateau State) and Aba (Abia State)

Processing Plants:
Our processing plants located in Akinyele, Uyo and Kaduna Poultry Infrastructure development

Drugs and Vaccines:
We produce veterinary drugs locally and import vaccines from the best vaccine producers in the world

Advisory and training:
Business and Technical advisory services are provided to farmers

Off- Taking:
Buying backall produced every 6-8 weeks and paying within the agreed period.


We do this in order to Provide a guaranteed all-year round source of market for our farmers and Sustained Profitability.


natnuPreneur Value Propositions

Access to Financing

natnuPreneur has become an avenue for smallholder farmers to secure loans. Since 2016, the scheme has operated with farmers using different forms of credit facilities. The commonly used facilities include but not limited to Bank of Industry (BOI) funding, CBN Anchor Borrower (ABP) funding, NIRSAL ABP and Osun state partnership with commercial bank (OBOPS).

Capacity Building for Farmers and Staff

Capacity building for our farmers and their staff members is a critical success factor for natnuPreneur. The scheme has trained, at least, 1500 farm since July, 2016. Continuous training of farmers and their staff members has significantly increased productivity, in terms of reduced mortality, reduced cycle length (time it takes birds to maturity) and increased feed conversion efficiency, consequently leading to improved profitability.

All-Year-Round Market for Broilers

The Broiler “business” in Nigeria is traditionally a seasonal event. natnuPreneur has provided an all-year-round market for broiler farmers in the country, making the farmers to be able to produce between 5-6 cycles per annum. The achievement on this is unprecedented, as farmers are able to make between 60%-72% on investment per annum.

Management of Farmers’ Account

Provision of a workable Economics of Production (EOP) for broiler farmers has been a major breakthrough for natnuPreneur. Before the introduction of natnuPreneur scheme by Amo Farms Sieberer Hatchery Limited, most farmers were used to producing and selling without taking into account the cost of production. Farmers are taught on preparation of Profit and Loss account. Cash flow statements are usually prepared for larger capacity farmer for them to be able to recognize their potential breakeven point.

Human Resource Management for Farmers

Human resource management has been identified as one of the reasons why many farms fail. We organize trainings for farm owners and their managers on the proper ways to manage their staff, with respect to remuneration and incentives. Different efficiency measures were postulated for farmers, hence the rebate that is paid to farmers on harvested birds at the end of every cycle. Training on internal control measures to protect farmers against fraudulent practices by attendants usually form a major part of the training. With our various measures, the scheme has been able to keep hundreds of farms afloat.

Consultancy on Farm Setup

For small capacity farmers, natnuPreneur has been consulting for farmers on poultry-farm setup at no cost to them.