The journey to producing good quality chicken starts with our premium day-old chicks which are obtained from eggs hatched under stringent bio security conditions to avoid contamination. The chicks are then transported and reared in highly hygienic environmental controlled and open pen houses that are free from bacterial contamination.

Our chicken are obtained from natnudO own farms and our trained natnuPreneur outgrower farms that are spread across the nation. Our chicken are fed with top quality feed from Amo Byng Nigeria Limited, produced with state-of-the-art technology. We ensure the best management practices in the rearing, handling and processing of all our animals from farm to fork...

We maintain a high level of organizational excellence in all aspects of our business from production right through distribution until the products get to our consumers. We presently have three main products in the market; natnudO premium low-fat Chicken, natnudO ranched Beef and natnudO Super Eggs. We also have a range of value-added products offered as "Ready 2 Eat" natnudO specially seasoned and pre-cooked for instant consumption. Warm for 5-10 minutes and it’s ready.
Chicken and Sausages.

We will continue to improve on our offerings through continuous research, while subscribing to best practices in food processing. We plan to introduce new product lines that will delight our consumers and meet their needs for healthy food products.


Step I

natnudO Premium Chicken and natnudO Super Eggs are produced both from our owned farms and natnuPreneur out-grower farms that are spread across the country.

natnudO ranched beef are from bulls fed with quality grains and produced on over 1500 hectare ranch.


Step II

natnudO Chicken and natnudO ranched Beef are processed under the most hygienic condition with state-of-the-art abattoir, butchery, cold storage and packaging technology.

Quality Assurance

Step III

Our quality assurance mechanism is standardized to ensure special attention to every stage of production, processing and distribution of all our products.

Supply Chain

Step IV

Our well-structured supply chain network ensures that our products get to the last mile, delivering excellent service experience across the value chain.